Mother’s Day Gifts for Every Woman in Your Life 

Even though we don’t really need an excuse or a specific day to honor the women we love, celebrate every type of mama you know with this gift guide from Liza Shtromberg Jewelry! But shopping for moms is definitely not a one-gift-fits-all situation. Yours might be the queen of cardio, while your significant other’s is a baking […]

Celebrate Valentine’s Day In Style This Year

Lovelies for Your Loved Ones at Liza Shtromberg Jewelry Roses fade, but when you truly want someone to know how you feel about them, the warmth of rose gold, as warm as their hugs, and the shimmer of rose gold, as sparkly as when you make them smile, lasts forever. Gorgeous garnets and radiant rubies […]

Winter is Coming … With Accessorized Holiday Cheer!

This winter holiday season is all about the trimmings and decorations. And at Liza Shtromberg Jewelry, we’ve got everything you’ll need to deck your halls for a jolly gift-giving season. Whether you’re accessorizing yourself with cocktail rings to hang out under the mistletoe at holiday parties, or gifting your loved ones with one-of-a-kind gemstone sets, […]

March Birthstone: Exquisite Aquamarine 

Historically a stone of the sea, thought to be the treasure of mermaids and the good luck of sailors, today aquamarine represents fearlessness, protection, and heartfelt communication. That’s because it’s associated with the throat chakra, making it an excellent stone for teachers and other speaking professions. Still believed to be connected to all things marine, the […]

Creative Commitment Rings: The Perfect Punctuation to Your Love Story

Liza Shtromberg Jewelry specializes in custom engagement and wedding rings. And over the years, after working with many couples who wanted something timeless, but also wanted something unique to their relationship, something that would be a departure from traditional engagement and wedding rings, Liza’s new collection was born — and is reinventing diamond jewelry! This […]

This Valentine’s Day, give the gift of jewelry. Roses wilt, but rose gold is timeless.

Gorgeous Garnet and Radiant Rubies are the color of love this Valentine’s Day. So when words just aren’t enough to express what’s in your heart, jewelry is the perfect reminder from you they can wear every day to keep you close.    

What Exactly is a Raw, Rough, or Uncut Diamond? Great Question!

For clients who are looking for a stylish and avant-garde engagement, wedding, or special occasion ring, we often get inquiries about raw, rough, or uncut diamonds. These terms are used interchangeably in reference to a diamond stone that has not been shaped in any particular form by a cutter and has not undergone any processing […]

Christmas is Coming to Town!

The holidays are such a special time of the year. A time to slow down, to be mindful of our gratitude, and to be with family, really savoring those memorable moments together. That’s why the elves at Liza Shtromberg Jewelry’s workshop have been very busy this year, making the best one-of-a-kind Holiday Collection yet. The […]

Our Truly Delightful Collection

Known for her unique jewelry, Liza has made her mark with distinct pieces that take a personalized approach to jewelry, rather than following the mainstream approach. Embracing the character and natural shape of gems, Liza loves to design jewelry with full and beautiful stones. Her Delight Collection features rings that have been popular for some […]

Milgrain Rings From Liza Shtromberg

Liza Shtromberg Jewelry is so excited to also reintroduce this antique-style from the early twentieth century. Milgrain Embellishment engagement and wedding rings are typically made with a tool that can be rolled over metal surfaces, creating a row of bumps and depressions that are then rounded, smoothed, and polished. Liza uses this antique French style, […]

Milo’s Story…

In the year of approximately 1965, my mom and my sister, Valerie, and I were living in Philadelphia. My mom was a single parent with a job at a department store in Philadelphia. The three of us were living in a one-room apartment.  For the most part we came up Christian and the reason for […]

LGBTQ Clientele

We live in a truly exciting time with the recent Supreme Court ruling LGBTQ marriage legal. Always an ardent advocate of gay rights, Liza Shtromberg is so pleased to have the privilege of assisting you in preparing for your special day together.When discussing marriage with your partner, you draw near the exciting dialogue about engagement […]

Client Spotlight

While helping clients with engagement and wedding rings, we hear the  many twists and turns, ups and downs, laughter and tears of the journey traveled to reach the destination of love. And then it happens…in the most unexpected way, they meet that one person that they realize they are going to build a family with…We […]

And Then It Happened…

Every day at Liza Shtromberg Jewelry is a Valentine’s day. People come to us to find a special expression of their love to their dearest ones. Our greatest pleasure is to listen to all of your stories and help you find that perfect gift for someone you love. While helping clients with engagement and wedding […]

All Shades of Green | Energy Efficient Homes

Energize Your Home!

All Shades of Green timely and informative presentation on how to maximize energy efficiency for your home will be hosted at LS Jewelry 2120 N Hillhurst Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90027 on Thursday, October 8th at 7PM All event attendees qualify for a $500 credit towards any home improvement projects by All Shades of Green. You will […]

All Shades of Green | Energy Efficient Homes

Energy Efficient Home

  An “Energy Efficient Home,” what does that mean to you? How much money and environmental impact can you save by making energy efficiency modifications to your home?   Join us for a free, informative event for home owners who are considering energy efficient home modifications. Monday, August 24th at 7PM 2120 N Hillhurst Ave, […]

Marriage Equality Celebration Contest Giveaway

It’s been such a privilege to serve the LGBTQ community at Liza Shtromberg Jewelry, before and  since the legalization of  Same-Sex Marriage on June 6th by the U.S Supreme Court. Nothing makes us happier than seeing everyone included in celebrating love. Marriage equality is at the core of our mission and we aim to empower each and […]

Women's Sexuality Workshop - Hosted by Liza Shtromberg Jewelry | Image credit: Rokeby Venus by Diego Velasquez

Women’s Sexuality Workshop

Women’s Sexuality Workshop July 27th – 7 to 9 PM PDT Hosted by Liza Shtromberg Jewelry 2120 Hillhurst Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90027 As women, we don’t often have the opportunity to question or explore our sexuality in a way that feels safe, productive and empowering, and so many women end up spending much of their […]

Join us for Ladies Night on July 8th at LS Jewelry Store in Los Feliz!

Choosing Rings for your LGBTQ Wedding

  Everyone can get married! Now It’s time to plan that wedding. We’ve been planning this blog topic for publication today for some time, so it is suiting that on Friday, June 26th the U.S. Supreme Court ruled by a 5 to 4 vote to legalize Same-Sex Marriage. As stated in the past, Liza Shtromberg […]

Same-sex marriage legalized in all 50 states

Historic Supreme Court Ruling Legalizes Same-Sex Marriage in All 50 States

WASHINGTON – Today, the gay rights movement is celebrating a historic event, where the Supreme Court ruled by a 5 to 4 vote to legalize Same-Sex Marriage nationwide. As a passionate supporter of equal marriage rights, Liza Shtromberg Jewelry is celebrating this long awaited decision. With California being one of the first states to legalize […]

Secrets to Relationship Success

Secrets to Relationship Success A Free Introductory Workshop for singles, couples, families, and everyone. JULY 11th – 7 to 8 PM Some of you might be wondering why your last relationship failed, and others are hanging tight to a relationship where they fight all the time, or the passion is gone. -What are the most […]

Ladies Night!

Thursday, July 9, 2015, 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM Limited space available RSVP required We are hosting a special event at LS dedicated to ladies, hope you can join us and friends. Indulge with fellow ladies at our inclusive event with delicious nibbles, jewelry specials, refreshing cocktails, and our special guest, henna tattoo artist Elizabeth […]

Liza Shtromberg Jewelry Blog

You’re Invited to Liza Shtromberg’s Jetsetting Summer Party Mix Event!!!

Jet set in your new jewels event! Join us on  May 21st, 2015 6 pm – 9 pm Liza Shtromberg Jewelry Los Feliz Store 2120 N Hillhurst Ave Los Angeles, California 90027 About the Event Liza Shtromberg Jewelry is celebrating 15 years in Los Feliz and we want to party with you! We want to […]

To All the Mothers in the World

Mothers, they’re the vessels of the fruit that will grow to be the new generation of humanity, the pillars that hold the household together and the source of incomparable strength. This month we’ll be honoring the greatest gift in the world, motherhood. All around the world mothers get a day to be appreciated, usually between […]

Ready for March Madness: all the colors for your spring weddings

  Hello Spring, hello colors! This month marks not only the beginning of Daylight Saving Time but also the warm arrival of Spring: the flowers start blossoming, the heavy sweaters are gone and the wedding ceremonies are just around the corner. The season of spring is increasingly popular for weddings due to its lovely fresh […]

All the love in the world!

  It is wonderful to have a day in the year set aside to express our love. Life can keep us so busy that sometimes we forget to pause and let our loved ones know how much we appreciate their presence in our lives. Whether it is a romantic partner, a best friend or a […]

Gift the most important person in the world

  ‘Tis the season of gifting and giving: the holiday festivities. As the end of the year approaches, the world prepares to celebrate the welcoming of a new digit and the different cultures around the world dedicate time to their festivities. Since the beginning of time, or at least Roman History, the months around winter […]

Jewelry for the adult in-the-making

  Shopping for teens and pre-teens during the holiday seasons can be of stress to the parents, aunts or cousins who are trying to gift their beloved small relatives a gift they’ll appreciate and grow with. When the decision of gifting a piece of jewelry is made, the question is: what will the person like?, […]

Tradition! The traditions of a Jewish wedding you always wanted to know

A wedding is a beginning of a family’s narrative and a very special moment in our lives. Have you ever wondered what are these ancient Jewish wedding traditions and what is the meaning behind the Chuppah, the Ketubah and braking the glass? Rabbi Susan Goldberg of  Wilshire Blvd Temple will take us on a journey […]

Cocktail rings, an opulent rebellious piece

  When we think about vintage cocktail rings we envision big lavish stones and a lot of fun! These popular finger accessories have been part of formal occasions since the twenties and as they have expanded from expensive large-sized stones to a wider variety, they’ve also evolved in their meaning. The name “cocktail rings” was […]

Spruce up your fall wardrobe with an everyday earring

  Fall is the season when the leaves change colors and drop to the ground, when the colors in your wardrobe fade away and give way to the season’s staple item: huge coats –or light sweaters if you live in Southern California. And as the temperature gets cooler, mostly does your closet’s color palette. Hues […]

Glisten Like a Chandelier!

  Just like Marilyn’s diamonds were her best friends, you could also say that so were her chandelier earrings. The popular 50’s icon was photographed numerous times wearing different styles of chandelier earrings made out of pearls and diamonds; and though the fifties are long gone, the style has remained! The word “chandelier” has its […]

LGBTQ Wedding event at Liza Shtromberg Jewelry

  Join us on Thursday, 10/16/14 6-9PM at Liza Shtromberg Jewelry, located at 2120 N Hillhurst Ave. LA CA 90027.  This event is free and open to everyone, please invite your family and friends. Our partner, the LGTB Wedding Expo is a co-sponsor We are honored to present quality wedding vendors who all have […]

The Month of the Sapphire

  The gemstone of the month of September is the Sapphire, and what an excellent choice so fit for this time of the year. The month of September is a time of fluctuation, when the summer weather starts to cool down and slowly lead the path for fall to come in. It’s a month of […]

The beauty of custom-made

  A diamond is a girl’s best friend, or maybe an emerald, or perhaps just a sterling silver ring. Truth is, jewelry is an almost infinite landscape for tastes and styles that will always be subject to the point of view of the user and that, in particular, is truly unpredictable as for the most […]

Liza Shtromberg Jewelry is inclusive!

At Liza Shtromberg Jewelry, we have always had many clients from the LGBTQ community. With the latest round of Court decisions to legalize same-sex marriage, we are so excited to see some of our favorite clients planning their weddings and honored that they are choosing us for their wedding rings! Last year we were thrilled […]

Cuba inspired Grand Re-Opening Fiesta

Join us!   Cuba inspired Grand Re-Opening Fiesta Event at Jewelry by Liza Shtromberg Join us on Saturday, March 22nd 6-11pm Toast Mojitos with fellow LS community members to celebrate completing our remodel and fourteen years in Los Feliz. Enjoy snacks from Porto’s, Cuban music and a salsa dance lesson. You don’t want to miss […]

“I do!”

  At Jewelry by Liza Shtromberg we feel honored to be a part of your special day. Engagement and wedding rings are the beginning of a family’s narrative, and we are committed to helping you create your own story that you will enjoy sharing with loved ones for years to come. Our philosophy is one […]

The Gift of Jewelry: Perfect for Life’s Celebrations and Occasions

There are so many occasions to gift a timeless token of thoughtfulness…   We hope to inspire you with new, exciting jewelry gifting ideas so you can discover the perfect piece of jewelry for every occasion. As an art form jewelry-making is celebrated through ages past as using some of the highest precision skills in human […]

The “Heritage” Collection

Co-Design Our Newest Collection with Designer Liza Shtromberg!   What does your heritage mean to you? Everyone has a “heritage,” a tradition, a connection to their roots. We invite you to explore your own heritage and share it with others by contributing to our newest collection, “Heritage.” As residents of Los Angeles we are privileged […]

Jewelry by Liza Shtromberg together with Works of Art Hair Studio present Bridal Art “Step Out of the Box”

Jewelry by Liza Shtromberg collaborating with Works of Art Hair Studio, a full-service salon providing great styles in the Los Feliz area for over seven years and a top choice for many locals when they feel their hair is in need of some tender, loving care, together present Bridal Art, a unique bridal event […]

Custom Labradorite Necklaces

Jewelry by Liza Shtromberg is now offering beautiful, one-of-a-kind labradorite necklaces!  Made with unique labradorite gemstones which Liza discovered on a recent trip to India, each necklace can be customized with a variety of settings including leaf or lace imprints as well as custom settings. Labradorites, cousins of moonstones, are beautiful gems made with the glimmering […]

Getty Villa Features Jewelry by Liza Shtromberg

Jewelry by Liza Shtromberg is now available at the Getty Villa gift shop where you will have the opportunity to own a piece of hand sculpted jewelry crafted in the ancient traditions. Representing a history of fascination with an aesthetic that celebrates the beauty of ancient jewelry designs from all around the world, Jewelry by […]

What is a Diamond? Part Two

Diamond Clarity Each diamond in a jewelry store is a majestic piece of art. Once it was buried deep within the earth, and now this beautiful diamond graces your neck, brings out the color of your eyes, or sparkles from your finger.  Like everything else in nature, diamonds naturally contain small blemishes and inclusions that […]

Be Unique! Choose Custom, Handmade Jewelry Handcrafted Especially for You!

When it comes to a unique piece of jewelry, each aspect is essential: the metal, the stones, the quality, the beauty, the value . . . the list is endless.  However, uniqueness is the most important ingredient, for jewelry is chosen to reflect the wearer’s own individual personality. It is significant that at first glance the […]

Jewelry by Liza Shtromberg Showing In San Francisco

Join us Thursday, May 31st, at Dayenu Gift Store in San Francisco where Liza Shtromberg will be showing her beautiful handcrafted jewelry!  Feel free to bring your unwanted gold and platinum jewelry to trade-in for store credit! At the event, we will be weighing and testing your gold jewelry so that we can provide you […]

What is a Diamond? Part One

What Is A Diamond? A Diamond is a rare precious gem and one of the oldest minerals, having been formed deep within the bowels of the earth over billions of years! Born from pure carbon, the diamond is clear crystalline and the hardest naturally occurring substance. The diamond’s high brilliance, rarity, and hardness has captivated and enticed the imagination of […]

Gemstones and Birthstone Jewelry

Show your loved one you care with our handcrafted birthstone jewelry – a perfect gift for every occasion!  At Jewelry by Liza Shtromberg we offer a variety of rings, earrings, pendants, bracelets, and necklaces in one of a kind designs showcasing beautiful birthstones. Liza’s Birthstone Chart January – Garnet Perfect for the January birthday!  Garnets are a symbol […]

Jewish Wedding Traditions | Engagement Rings

 “I Am My Beloved’s and My Beloved ls Mine,” “Ani L’dodi Vedodi Li” אני לדודי ודודי לי  The concept of engraving Hebrew Rings with quotes from Jewish texts comes to us from ancient times. Today it is very common for couples to inscribe their wedding bands with a text that is reflective of the time we live in, for […]

Pearls: The Wedding Gem

Shimmering luminously with a soft inner glow, a strand of iridescent white pearls or even a single pearl can be the perfect piece for any bride on her wedding day.  This most precious and revered gem has long been regarded in every culture as one of the rarest, most valued and symbolic of all gemstones.  And no […]

Liza Shtromberg on Groupon

Liza Shtromberg Jewelry is being featured on Groupon on June 5-6, 2011. Get this great deal while it lasts, limited quantity available.

Recycling makes a happy bride and groom!

Recently a lovely couple came to Liza Shtromberg Jewelry to buy wedding rings. We told them they can trade in their unwanted gold and platinum jewelry and receive store credit. Their family decided to pitch in and donated a few pieces of unwanted jewelry, and one of the rings had a center diamond that we […]

Destination Wedding Jewelry: Greece

Dreaming of a destination wedding on a Grecian Isle? Let your dreams be graced by the romantic crystal clear Aegean Sea, bright red sunsets, and streets that wind through whitewashed buildings.  Feel the warmth of the sun, earth, magnificent food, and joyous people amplified by your love.  The grounded support of history is beneath your […]

Returning Home with Treasures from Thailand and India

Liza had a wonderfully active trip in India, scouring the country for the most brilliant gems and jaw dropping diamonds to bring home to you!   Loose rose cut diamonds in white, champagne, and chocolate would look incredible in an LS Delight ring setting, while a large mesmerizing Labradorite would make an incredible custom pendant! […]

Yes, it’s YOUR day ~ but don’t forget the mothers!

Mother of bride, and mother of groom; the importance they have in our life is immeasurable.  A role that neither distance nor time can lessen.  After years spent nurturing and providing advice, it can be a difficult and sentimental experience for a mother to see their child completely nurtured, and advised, by another. On your […]

Something Beautifully Blue

    “Something old, something new Something borrowed, something blue And a silver sixpence in her shoe.” This pre-19th century English rhyme has been a standby for modern brides, along with the proverb, “Marry in blue, lover be true.”   Blue has always been associated with purity, grace, trust, commitment and protection.  In ancient Rome the […]

Gems of Love

  Throughout time and cultures,  these gems have been known to enhance, inspire, and cultivate love.   The Ruby The Ruby has been used as a stone of noblemen, especially in the Asian countries of India and China, and has been called “Lord of the Gemstones”.  It is sometimes used in addition to the diamond […]

Shop Early; Save Money and Time!

The early bird gets the worm! FOR WEBSALES ONLY: 10% off  all web purchases at and complimentary shipping! To redeem this offer, simply enter this code at checkout:  LS11-30-10 Offer expires on November 30th, 2010… act quickly!

New Hebrew and Western Wall Collections!

Born in Russia, Liza grew up in Israel and has lived in Los Angeles for the past 20 years designing jewelry.  Her unique style is as rich as her cultural background, and she is influenced by the history and culture of all corners of the earth. Her new collection, “Hebrew”,  is the ancient name of […]

Jewelry Trade-In Program: Recycle Your Diamonds and Old Metal into New Jewelry

Because the jewelry you wear is a direct expression of your self, consider enhancing your diamond jewelry to accommodate your own personal style!   Diamonds carry sentimental value which can live forever, but their setting doesn’t have to!  Whether you want to keep that wonderful gift, but let go of the memories, or keep the […]

Destination Wedding: Hawai’i

Further personalize your destination wedding with location complimentary jewelry.  Liza Shtromberg Jewelry Studio, in Los Feliz, CA, will help you to choose from her signature styles, or design customized pieces for your big day. Looking out toward the horizon, the sunrise illuminates the secluded white sandy cove and reflects off of the brilliant turquoise water.  […]

INITIALS: Our Newest Collection

Personalization is definitely not a new trend with jewelry, but it has seen a recent resurgence. Necklaces, charms, earrings, bracelets, and even rings with such customization, when imprinted with the names or initials of loved ones, are a thoughtful gift or a heartfelt gesture. When imprinted with one’s own name or initials, it is a […]

Alina Pizzano Couture Bridal

We are developing a trend of reporting on very beautiful things… So it seems only fitting that our next featured vendor would be Alina Pizzano, an incredibly talented designer and owner of  Alina Pizzano Couture Bridal in South Pasadena, CA. Alina has worked as a designer for Anne Klein and was the Senior Designer for BCBG Max Azria […]

Florabundance: Lilla Bello Studio

Since Liza Shtromberg Jewelry makes engagement rings, we have both the pleasure and the honor of being involved with a couple’s nuptials  from the very beginning.  We get to work with the couples throughout every aspect of their wedding process, from the initial engagement to right before (and often after) the wedding.  Naturally, we have […]

Our First Featured Bride!

With all of the wedding and bridal jewelry we do at Liza Shtromberg Jewelry, it only seemed appropriate to return some of the love to our brides. Every time we have the immense pleasure of contributing to a certain special couple’s, and in particular, bride’s wedding experience, we will be featuring her as a bride […]

Unconventional is the Thing with Mens Wedding Bands

It is wedding season, and we have been custom making our share of beautiful hand made men’s wedding bands. Like his bride, the contemporary groom wants a ring that will stand out from the rest.  Not every groom wants a standard, cookie-cutter traditional ring.  Many would love something interesting, understated, and unique to them. From […]

Commitment Rings: Creating a New Tradition

Every person, every relationship, every couple is unique.  Their sentiments are no exception.   Contemporary couples have therefore begun to create new ways to express these sentiments.  One of these tokens is the commitment ring.  Commitment ceremonies are a way for couples to break from tradition while confirmining their love and commitment to each other.  Commitment […]

Jewelry the Green Way

In the past, the concept of being “style conscious” meant being conscious of one’s own style, not necessarily being concious as an individual or member of the human condition. But in a world where we are learning to make the most of the resources we’ve got, on a day to day basis, that individual and […]

The Eco Modern Bride

In a new collective consciousness where being Eco-friendly is not only looked at as being responsible and ethical, but even stylish and hip, it only makes sense that the wedding industry would catch on.  Contemporary weddings have often been thought of as being lavish, extravagant and even excessive events.  This ideal has led modern brides to start seeking out […]

Summer has Arrived!

Summer may have only just begun, but there are some definite trends that have managed to establish themselves into our fashion psyche for the months to come. From strapless dresses to gladiator sandals, from resortwear to high waists, the summer of 2009 has some undeniable trend-based staples. So you have dutifully included these gorgeous, must-have […]

Liza’s Personal Narrative

When I was a girl in Russia, my father, Alexander Stromberg, was a stone carver who specialized in Cameos. During the seventies Soviet Union communist regime, having an independent business was illegal, and my father’s workshop was on a large ledge of our kitchen window. His official job was being a violinist at the Moscow […]

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